July 21, 2016


by phoenixdrew

in Blast Summer School

It’s time for Revolution!

Blast! returns this summer with a BANG, WHAM and KA-POW as the much anticiapted SuperHero theme finally gets the green light. Following in the footsteps of the movie themed 2012 Zombie Apocalypse Blast (pictured left), this year promises to be enormous fun as we take inspiration from the hugely popular Marvel Film series and create our own alternate reality. In a (not too distant?) dystopian future the Illuminati have taken over, forcing the general public to do their bidding and a group of new superheroes must stand together to take down the system. SuperHeroes Revolution will feature the classic ingredients to a Superhero story: battles, outfits and origin stories!

Founder and director of Phoenix Theatre Arts Phil Dale heads the week long project and will be ably assisted by choreographer Katie Barker-Dale, the two of them leading performance and dance respectively. They will be joined by newcomers Adam Amor and Keeley Thurley. Professional saxophonist and rhythmic percussion specialist Adam (pictured right) will bring an exciting new dimension to the proceedings, as will new PYT tutor Keeley. Green screen video sequences will be overseen by our very own AV man Conor O’Sullivan.

Phil is planning on SuperHeroes Revolution being the perfect mix of structure and madness, with the ambition to add aspects of guerilla theatre performed in the streets. “One of my favourite ever Blast moments comes from Saving Tinkerbell in 2013 when we filmed Peter Pan (pictured left) begging on the streets of Bishops Stortford” explained Phil. “I’m fascinated by the idea of filmed street theatre – it is a whole new style of performance that we can have a whole load of fun with.”

With just over 3 weeks until the project launches on Sunday 14th August there are plenty of spaces available for anyone aged 11 and above who’d like to spend 7 days of their summer break doing something completely out of the ordinary – and admit it – we all have a superhero lurking somewhere inside of us!

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Phoenix Summer Schools 2016

This year is the 18th birthday of the Phoenix Summer School, Blast!. Over the last few years we have seen crazy moments in Blast! including a cannibal infested island, a musical theatre universe merge, and a dance off to Cotton Eyed Joe and Zorba the Greek  involving Elvis, a Minotaur, zombies and a bunch of pirates! There is nothing quite like Blast! It is mad, entertaining and enjoyable for everyone involved. Now, in 2016, Phoenix once again returns to the crazy land of Blast! with the hope of this year being the best one yet!






Blast! runs from Sunday 14th to Saturday 20th August 2016 from 10am to 4pms. The aim of Blast! is to provide an unmissable week of theatrical creativity for wannabe performers and technicians aged 11 to 18. Over the course of 7 days participants work with a team of professionals to create a full-scale theatre production that is performed just once on the final evening of the project. Maybe you’re an actor, singer, dancer or musician; maybe you’ve always fancied being a Lighting Designer or Sound Engineer. Whatever you’re interested in, come and spend 7 days at Rhodes with a group of like-minded people and we promise you a week of unforgettable creative chaos!

From 22nd-26th August 2016 is Boom!; Blast’s younger sibling. Boom! has made its mark with a variety of productions and gives kids the chance to feature in leading or supporting roles whilst exploring acting, dance and music. Boom! is a great opportunity for primary aged kids to finish their summer holidays with five days of creativity and fun, building up to a chance to wow their parents and friends in a performance on the last day. There will be a team of theatre professionals from Phoenix to help and assist the process. They’ll take great care of your little ones and teach them all the skills they’ll need to blow their audience away!






Both Blast! and Boom! will be the highlight of the summer for kids who are experienced performers as well as kids who have never performed before and will improve the confidence and performance skills of everyone involved!

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