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October 30, 2013

October Play In A Day

by Conor O'Sullivan

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What If Kids Ruled The World?

On Tuesday 29th October during the half term, 29 primary aged children attended the fourth Play In A Day at the Rhodes Arts Complex in Bishop’s Stortford. They arrived at 1o:00 in the morning, with the purpose of then putting on a show to their friends and families on the main stage at 7:00pm, involving everything they’d worked on during the day, a mammoth undertaking! Throughout the day, they were assisted by four members of the Phoenix team; Principal Phil Dale, Conor O’Sullivan, and Primary Drama Assistant Tutors Connor Linden and Grace Wheeler.

The theme for this Play In A Day was ‘If Kids Ruled The World’, involving songs and scenarios in which the world would be different if the kids were the ones calling the shots. During the day a green screen studio was set up, to let the children reenact famous scenes from big Hollywood blockbusters! Also involving the inaugural speech for the new Kids President, and some very interesting answers to the question, ‘if you ruled the world, what would you do?’, the 29 youngsters put on a very entertaining 45 minute show for their families and friends at the end of the day. We hope they enjoyed themselves and look forward to seeing them on the next Play In A Day course in February!

To see pictures from the day click here.

To see the videos from the performance, visit our Youtube channel here.

February 28, 2013

Kids Cause Mayhem at Monster School

by Phoenixphil

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Children Create a Play in a Day

34 Primary aged children attended the third Phoenix Play in a Day at Rhodes in Bishops Stortford recently with, as the title of the day suggests, the sole aiming of creating a play in just one day. Meeting together as a group for the first time at 10.00am in the morning, the children were assisted throughout the day by the 4 members of the Phoenix Primary Drama tutor team. Bishops Stortford Primary tutors Faye Linden and Amy Moulder were joined by Harlow Drama tutor Sophie Barker and Musical Theatre tutor Reuben Lemer.

The theme for the day was ‘Monsters’, mainly because the Rhodes had gone Monster Crazy during the half-term week following the hugely successful 2 day visit of the touring show The Gruffaloes Child. Throughout the day the participants created a show based around a ‘Monster School’ where all the students were as badly behaved as possible. As well as creating mayhem in their classroom, the students of Monster School sang Monster themed songs and also presented excerpts from their favourite Monster Movies including Harry Potter and King Kong.

The final performance ran for nearly 45 minutes and was attended by a large group of enthusiastic friends and family members. Proving how bang up to date the children were, it even included their own Monster School version of the Harlem Shake. The next Play in A Day will take place in the October Half Term.

See more pictures from the day on our Facebook page.

November 5, 2012

October Play in a Day

by Conor O'Sullivan

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All Aboard the Ghost Train!

In October 2012, a group of reception and primary school aged children got together with the purpose of creating a piece of theatre that they could then perform to their parents later that day, a tremendous task! They came up with the Ghost Train, a creepy homage to scary films and horror stories, and the final piece was shown on the main Rhodes stage, giving the kids lots of space to use their creative imagination and show off what they could do! One of the highlights was a recreation of the ‘bellybursting’ scene from Alien, with other interpretations of Jaws and Dracula also being performed!

With the help and assistance of Phil Dale, Amy Moulder, Faye Linden and Sophie Barker, the participants had a great day, and in the end produced something spectacular for the little time they’d had to work on it!

To look at the pictures from the day, click here.

‘Stupid Cupid’ a Big Hit with Parents and Children Alike

The first ever Phoenix Play in a Day was a huge success when 28 Primary aged children, most of whom had never met each other before, gathered together at 10.00am at The Rhodes in Bishops Stortford with the sole aim of putting on a performance for friends and family by 6.30pm that evening! The idea was the brainchild of Phoenix Principal Phil Dale, who was asked by The Rhodes to provide a drama based workshop for the half-term holiday. The day-long project cost just £35 per child and 2 tickets for friends or family to the final performance were included in the price.

The 28 participants were assisted throughout the day by Phil as well as Primary Drama Tutor Faye Linden and Musical Theatre Tutor Debbie Hannam. Jules Dale also provided invaluable support with props and costumes whilst the Rhodes technical team were on hand to ensure the finished performance had that professional touch!

The children had great fun but most importantly worked hard to achieve their goal and astounded their friends and family with a 35 minute performance. Entitled Stupid Cupid, it included song, poem and mime and told the story of how a miserable pop star learnt to appreciate the concept of love. The performers received a rousing response from an audience of 100 at the end and went home tired but thrilled, with new friends and a huge sense of achievement.

More pictures of the day can be found on our Facebook page and a DVD record of the final performance will be available soon. Blip, the week-long summer school for primary aged children will return in July at the start of the summer holidays, and Blast, it’s big brother for senior aged students will be back in August. Full details will be released soon, along with news of the next Play-In-A-Day.