Jack Petchey

IMG_0296This award goes to a student who recently represented Phoenix in 2 large-scale productions, Peter Pan the Musical and Cinderella. As well as fantastic work on those productions, his commitment to the 2017 showcase saw him work with another student to create a really compelling dance piece about bullying.

Well Done Kai!


IMG_2162This award goes to a student who has been a member of Phoenix for 4 years now. He has always demonstrated a unique style with an eye for comedic timing. The award recognizes his work and commitment over the past years but more specifically the work he put into the recent showcase, where he created believable and engaging yet totally contrasting characters.

Well Done Luke Stockwell!

IMG_2129This award goes to young student who has been with Phoenix for nearly 5 years. In that time she has proven to be a gifted and engaging performer and has always thrown herself into every role and task with enthusiasm and commitment. This award specifically recognizes her work on the recent showcase where, despite being hampered by particularly difficult personal circumstances which made regular attendance difficult she overcame her doubts and helped create an engaging and heartfelt theatrical performance.

Well Done Addie Brady!

IMG_1506This award goes to a student who has been a committed and hardworking student at Phoenix for over 7 years. In that time, not only has she demonstrated her ability in class but has also represented the organization in various productions including as a chorus member in several pantomimes. This award recognizes all this but is particularly given for her superb attitude and effort in the recent showcase presentations.

Well done Emily.


IMG_1504This award goes to a committed and hardworking student who has been a member of Phoenix for over 8 years. Sophie has always shown a great aptitude for all aspects of performance whilst retaining a very distinct sense of individuality in everything she does. Her most recent work has been of the very highest level and has included comedy in the showcase as well as taking a lead solo position as part of this year’s Glee ensemble.

Well Done Sophie.

February 1, 2017

Elle Nash is January’s Achievement Award Winner

This award goes to a student who has excelled in all disciplines at Phoenix. A naturally gifted dancer, she has proven herself to be a great all-rounder and has recently developed her acting skills to show great potential. She has represented the company in numerous productions over the past few years as well as gaining […]

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December 1, 2016

Jude Leng is November’s Jack Petchey Award Winner!

Nominated by Phil Dale Jude is an enthusiastic and hardworking member of PYT. This award is in recognition of his outstanding work on the recent Grimm fairytale project where, following audition, Jude was given the lead role in his piece. Over the weeks, Jude overcame his potential anxiety and developed a fun and clear character […]

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