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March 16, 2015

The Jack Petchey Ignite Youth Festival

by Conor O'Sullivan

in Jack Petchey

Phoenix join the celebrations for the 15th Birthday of the Jack Petchey Foundation

On Sunday 15th March, the Jack Petchey Foundation hosted the Ignite Youth Festival at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane in order to celebrate Jack Petchey’s 90th birthday and the 15th anniversary of the formation of the Jack Petchey Foundation. The evening was about showing all the success the Foundation has achieved in the past 15 years since its inception at helping young people all around the Essex and London area realise and nurture their potential and showing them that they can achieve whatever they set their mind to.

Representatives from all of their big youth projects were there, including previous winners of the Jack Petchey Glee Club Challenge, the winners of the Jack Petchey Speak Up Challenge, as well as a whole host of other music groups, dance groups and guest speakers.

Phoenix were invited to give a presentation on the employability skills needed to succeed at job interviews, as well as a list of ‘do’s and don’ts’ for said interviews. 20 students from the Intermediate and Senior Harlow class were representing Phoenix in performing the ensemble greek chorus style piece, and so got to spend the day in the famous theatre in Covent Garden before taking the stage in front of around 2,000 audience members, including many of the Mayor’s and MP’s of the Essex and London areas. It was a great day out and a rare opportunity for the students to perform in such a highly regarded theatre.

Phoenix have always enjoyed a close relationship with the Jack Petchey Foundation, as they’ve created a lot of opportunites for our students to perform in ways and places that they wouldn’t have been able to without the Foundation’s backing. Their Glee Club Challenge event gave our students the chance to perform at the Indig02 Arena and other theatres in the Regional and Grand Finals, they provided funding for us to get the Phoenix Clown troupe underway and put together their first ever proper performance, and most recently the funding they awarded Phoenix for the success in the ‘Face the Challenge’ competition has allowed us to set up the Phoenix Youth Repertory Company and start bringing youth productions into local theatres and secondary schools. We hope this is a trend that will long continue, and are proud we could be a part of the Jack Petchey Ignite Youth Festival.

To see pictures from the day, please click here.



Nominated by Phoenix Vice Principal Jeanne Stacey

Max is an excellent role model for his peers at Phoenix. He is a focused, hard-working and thoughtful young actor who is developing his skills at an incredible rate. He attends the classes to learn and develop and consequently is one of the top achievers in the group. His commitment to the Phoenix Clowns this year was admirable, not only because of the demands of performing through clown but also because he embraced the idea of working with a new group of young people and rose to the challenge with maturity and understanding. Great effort this year Max. A shining example to other Phoenix students to aspire to.

Well done Max!

Nominated by Vice Principal Jeanne Stacey

George has shown a real flair for both the clown and mask work we have explored and developed recently in the school. He has proved to be a very creative physical performer and was recently picked out by professional clown Joey from Told By An Idiot as being very natural and expressive in the world of clown. It is great to see George standing out in the school and showing skills to be emulated by others.

George has been with Phoenix for a long time, being one of our longest serving members, and it is a delight to see him find a genre in theatre which he performs with confidence and flair. Great work, George!

February 3, 2014

Harlow Showcases 2014

by Conor O'Sullivan

in Showcases

Dates confirmed for this year’s Phoenix Theatre School Harlow Showcases!

The dates and times of this years Phoenix Showcases are as follows. All this information has already been e-mailed out, so make sure you don’t miss any!

Intermediate & Senior Showcase (Studio Theatre)

Thursday 6th March:        Technical Rehearsal                         (5pm to 10pm)

Friday 7th March:              Show 2                                                 (7:45pm)

Saturday 8th March:         Show 3                                                 (7:45pm)

£10 All Seats

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Primary Showcase (Studio Theatre)

Saturday 8th March:         Technical Rehearsal                         (9:30am to 1:30pm)

Saturday 8th March:         Show 1                                                 (2:30pm)

Saturday 8th March:         Show 2                                                 (4:30pm)

Sunday 9th March:            Show 3                                                 (6:30pm)

£9 All Seats

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Whole School Showcase (Main Auditorium)

Sunday 15th June:             Technical Rehearsal                        (10am to 6pm)

Monday 16th June:           Show 1                                                 (7:30pm)

Tuesday 17th June:           Show 2                                                 (7:30pm)

£14 Tickets (£12 Concession)


Record Number of Students Save Tinkerbell!

This year Blast was more ambitious and more creative than any previous years, culminating in Saturday’s one time only performance of Saving Tinkerbell. Over the course of a week, the 56 talented participants set out to tell the story of Peter Pan and his attempt to rescue his precious Tinkerbell from the dastardly Captain Hook, a journey which took them to various other worlds. Everybody involved in the course worked really hard over the week, as putting a show together in just 7 days is a herculean task by any standards, let alone a full blown musical with full costumes, 11 musical numbers and lighting and video effects that would put many professional productions to shame. Once again, as with previous Blast courses, the audience of just over 200 were utterly impressed by the standard of the finished production with cast members having to learn pages of dialogue and numerous complex song and dance routines. Whether they were Lost Boys, or Orphans, or members of Dodgers gang, or Pirates or Wheelers, the entire cast gave it their all to ensure that when it came to the performance, their family and friends in the audience were gobsmacked by just how much had been achieved in a week.

Our team of tutors were on hand to assist, with Jeanne Stacey and Jack Downey directing, Duncan Rutherford and Connor Linden handling the musical side of things, and Sam Spencer-Lane choreographing, assisted by Grace Wheeler and Amy Moulder. Richard Shrubb, Lucy Barker-Dale and Conor O’Sullivan worked as technical tutors, helping the small but enthusiastic technical team of particiapnts, who excelled themselves by running all the AV, sound and Lighting cues themselves. Jules Dale provided all of the costumes for the show, and Phoenix principal Phil Dale oversaw everything as the producer.

Blast is always one of the most enjoyable weeks in the Phoenix calender, and this year didn’t disappoint, raising the bar yet again! Thank you to everyone who came, took part, and believed in fairies. Roll on August 2014 – we can’t wait!

To see pictures from the week click here.   To see pictures from the last day click here.

To see video from the show click here.    To purchase the DVD click here.

July 8, 2013

Bishops Stortford Drama Showcase 2013

Final Drama Showcase of the Season is Great Success. Saturday 6th July was another big day for the Phoenix team, with all of the Bishops Stortford drama classes getting the opportunity to perform on the Rhodes stage. A busy morning of technical rehearsals was followed by 2 performances at 1.30pm and then 4.00pm. Students of […]

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June 11, 2013

Intermediate and Senior Drama Showcase 2013

Phoenix goes mad! The Intermediate and Senior Drama Showcase took place for two nights in the Harlow Playhouse Studio Theatre, on Friday 7th June and Saturday 8th June. The Intermediate class kicked it off, and performed two 20 minute pieces for the first half of the showcase. The first was called Mugged, about a group of schoolfriends dealing […]

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