December 28, 2016

Christmas fun everywhere at Phoenix!

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Primary Christmas Showcases

When it gets to December the Christmas spirit comes out at Phoenix and the Primary age students work towards their Christmas showcases. This year spread the fun of Christmas across a variety of ages and stages, ending the Autumn Term of Phoenix with some magic!

The Fledglings in Harlow put on the tale of Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer at Burnt Mill Academy, filled with antlers and shiny noses, ending with Santa Claus visiting the students in Merry Christmas send off!







Our Primary Class in Harlow performed their annual Pets Corner Nativity, welcoming friends and family to a colourful performance of the Christmas Story!







In our Bishop’s Stortford branch, the Fledglings and Primary class came together to put on their own version of the Christmas Nativity which took place on the Rhodes Stage with the Cinderella Pantomime Set!







We hope everyone had a great Christmas and we look forward to see what the new year will bring!

To see more photos of the showcases click here!


December 20, 2015

A Phoenix Nativity Experience

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Hundreds Flock to Christmas Treat

The traditional Phoenix Nativity Play at Pets Corner took a new turn this year when our Harlow Primary and Fledgling students presented a Phoenix Nativity Experience on Thursday December 17th.

In recent years a more conventional Nativity play has been presented with the audience watching from an improvised seating rake made from straw bales. The recent refurbishment of Pets Corner coupled with the always potential disastrous weather encouraged Phoenix Director Phil Dale and Primary Principal Faye Linden to try something different. Rather than a single performance the students devised a number of different scenarios that audience members were able to walk around and watch at will in a ‘promenade’ theatre style.

After being greeted by Herod and his Guards, the public were lead past stables where Inn Keepers apologised for the lack of room. A short walk lead to the shepherds in a stable being confronted by Gabriel whilst on the opposite side of Pets Corner the Three Kings were deciding how best to pay their respects to the new born baby. At the far end of the event our Fledgling students told the story of the Christmas star and a stable full of costumes allowed children to dress as various characters and stage their own Nativity picture.

The event came to a conclusion when Joseph lead Mary to the stable on a donkey and the entire cast came together for a festive singalong. The popularity of the annual event was underlined when over 300 people turned up and for a short while it looked like the event might come to a standstill due to the sheer number of people. However, everything went off without a hitch leaving hundreds of people in the mood for Christmas and Phil and Faye planning an even bigger and better event next year!

See pictures from the Phoenix Nativity Experience here