Blip Summer School

Pirate Adventures and Blasting to the Past!

It’s been another productive summer for Phoenix Theatre Arts, with both of our summer schools taking place in July and August. Blip, the summer school for Primary aged students, is now in its 4th year and was held at Burnt Mill Academy in Harlow. The aim as always was to bring together a group of young people on a Monday, and then by the Saturday have a performance to show to parents and friends. As anyone knows who has young children of their own, or has ever worked with children, keeping them focused and entertained for 6 days can turn into quite a challenge!

However, with the theme of the show set as a Pirate Adventure, all the kids got on board with it and everyone involved had a fun week. From a tribe of cannibals wearing extremely colourful wigs, to the ever popular fake beards, to dressing up as a sea serpent and chasing each other around the school, the surrealist Pirate Adventure set sail, and even Santa Clause popped up just to add a little bit of Christmas magic. There would be no way we could hope to make Blip work without the enthusiasm and support of the children participating, and they deserve a big thank you for the hard work they put in over the week in order to put together a show that entertained their families and friends at the end of the week.

Blast, the summer school for 11 to 18 year olds and now in it’s 17th year, went all a bit wibbly wobbly timey wimey, with a show called Blast From The Past. The script was written by Phoenix Principle Phil Dale and Conor O’Sullivan, who worked on the tutor team throughout the week alongside Phoenix Vice Principle Jeanne Stacey, Duncan Rutherford, Richard Shrubb, Grace Wheeler, Tom Brace, Jack Downey, Lucy Barker-Dale and Katie Barker-Dale. With such a big tutor team, the aim was to make this years Blast bigger and better than all the rest, to create something epic with the help of the 53 participants.

Blast is always one of the most enjoyable weeks of the calendar, and with a show involving Doctor Who, a minotaur and his wife, a horde of zombies and a dance off to Zorba the Greek, the show was definitely the most epic Blast ever produced. 53 individual costumes provided by Jules Dale made the show look both bizarre and spectacular in equal amounts. The creativity and talent of all the participants was a great help over the week, as learning an hour and a half long show in just a week is no easy task. So thank you to everyone involved, both tutors and participants, for all your hard work and help over the week!

So here’s to looking forward to seeing everyone back next year for Blip and Blast, and well done to everyone involved in this years productions.

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August 5, 2013

Blip 2013 Travels Through Time

by Conor O'Sullivan

in Blip Summer School

Primary Aged Kids do the Timewarp!

Blip, the summer school for Primary aged students, was back again this year, bigger and better than ever before. Having this year moved to Passmores Academy, the participants had just one week to come up with ideas for a show, put them together and rehearse them, and then perform it to their friends and family on Saturday, the final day of the course.

This years show was about Time Travel, with a group of children having built a Time Machine in the summer holidays, and then using it to travel back in time to different periods of history to find out what it was really like. Encountering Fred Flintstone and a group of cavemen, getting on the wrong side of Cleopatra, and almost getting their heads chopped off by Henry VIII, the kids managed to find their way back home for a rousing finale of the Time Warp.

A wonderful week of fun and creativity was had by all and a big thank you must go out to tutors Faye Linden, Kate Coysten and Amy Moulder for making the week so much fun and for creating a fabulous show in such a short space of time. We hope to see a lot of familiar faces coming along again next year for Blip 2014!

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August 1, 2012

Blip 2012 Stretches the Imagination

by Phoenixphil

in Blip Summer School

37 Primary Age Children enjoy a week of Theatre

Blip, the Phoenix Summer Theatre School for Primary aged children gave 37 youngsters a fantastically fun start to the summer holidays. The course took place at Burnt Mill School in Harlow, the home of Phoenix Theatre School’s Harlow branch. Running from Monday July 23rd to Saturday July 28th, the participants worked from 10.00amd until 4.00pm to perfect their final performance, which took place on Saturday afternoon in the main hall at Burnt Mill.

Four tutors worked with the students throughout the week; Phoenix Principal Phil Dale was in overall charge of the project whilst primary drama tutor Faye Linden directed the final performance.  Bishops Stortford branch assistant primary drama tutor Amy Moulder was in charge of choreography whilst newcomer Reuben Lamar from Bishops Stortford was musical director.

The final performance was entitled Ally’s Incredible Imagination and told the story of young Ally and how her incredible imagination managed to bring the most bizarre situations to life – much to the annoyance of her long suffering parents. The show, which was written and devised by the artistic team, included 6 musical numbers as well as a video sequence involving all 37 participants. An audience of over 120 friends and family members came to see the final performance with many astonished at how much the children had managed to achieve in just a week! Blip is a great way for children to enjoy the first week of the summer holidays in the company of like-minded creative children where they can develop their confidence and performance skills in a safe and fun environment.

A DVD of the final performance will be available soon. Meanwhile, pictures of Days 1 to 2, as well as Days 3 to 5 and the final day can be found on our facebook page by clicking the relevant links.

The Video Sequence that was part of the final show can be seen here.

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