September 4, 2017

Phoenix Students performing at the Royal Court Theatre

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Katzenmusik at the Royal Court

The Royal Court Theatre is one of the most famous and critically acclaimed theatres in the country. Being a new writers theatre, the large majority of the plays put on are original and politically relevant. It has held the work of writers including Sarah Kane, Martin McDonagh and Jez Butterworth with his iconic play Jerusalem and, most recently, The Ferryman, directed by acclaimed Director, Sam Mendes.

Drew Royal CourtEarlier in the year, Phoenix Student, Joseph Vaiana and, Ex-Phoenix Student, Drew Gregg successfully auditioned to be part the Royal Court’s Youth Company, which meant that from April 2017 they would develop and rehearse a brand new original play called Katzenmusik, written by up-and-coming playwright Tom Fowler. Drew and Joe have both appeared in multiple Phoenix Productions including, most recently, Cinderella and A Midsummer Night’s Dream, so it was great to see them perform in such a prestigious place.


Drew and Joe both had significant parts in Katzenmusik, amongst a cast of 25 actors aged 14 – 20, their parts allowing them to showcase the range of their acting abilities. The play explored the effects of government and council neglect on working class towns and the feeling of anger that is left in the inhabitants of such towns. The narrative, told in reverse, was a relevant reflection of the turmoil society currently appears to be in and it was interesting to see the story told by a young generation.

Joe Royal CourtIt is always good to see Phoenix students, current and previous, continue to try and further their career in theatre and both Drew and Joe are both active in pursuing this.

Joe is now performing from 6th – 9th September in the National Youth Theatre’s 50 strong cast production of the 1970’s play Zigger Zagger at Wilton’s Music Hall, the largest music hall in the country and both Drew and Joe are auditioning for RADA’s Youth Company in the upcoming week.

Good luck to both of them!


Photo Credit: Khayam Shah

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